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Monthly Dignity offers comprehensive workshops and resources designed to demystify menstruation, promote body positivity, and challenge societal taboos surrounding menstrual health.

We believe that comprehensive menstrual education is essential for promoting health, dignity, and equity. We are dedicated to destigmatizing menstruation and raising awareness about period poverty through education. Through workshops, online resources, and community outreach, we aim to empower people with the knowledge, tools, and confidence they need to navigate their menstrual care and advocate for menstrual equity in their community.

Educational Workshops

We offer in-person & virtual workshops for all ages, genders, and backgrounds in community-based organisations, elementary and high schools, universities, and after-school programs in the greater Montreal area! Our workshops serve as informative and inclusive spaces where participants can learn about a variety of topics related to menstrual health, ranging from the fundamentals of the menstrual cycle, menstrual health & care practices, and menstrual product options (including single-use & reusables) to in-depth discussions about the multifaceted causes & potential impacts of period poverty, deconstructing menstrual stigma, and presenting initiatives and mechanisms to advocate for menstrual equity.

Led by knowledgeable facilitators, our workshops feature engaging presentations, hands-on activities, and interactive discussions, which creates a supportive and collaborative learning environment for open dialogue, where participants feel empowered to ask questions and share their experiences. 

Our workshops can be adapted to suit the needs of different audiences and settings (e.g., adjusting the presentation to participants’ level of knowledge & interests, complementing existing school curricula, fitting in with other programming, etc.). We collaborate closely with workshop hosts to tailor our content to respond to the preferences of diverse communities, in recognition of the intersectional nature of menstruation. Our workshops are available in both French and English, can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours in length, and can be scheduled at any time during the week!

Whether you’re a student, educator, or community advocate, our workshops provide a platform for meaningful dialogue, personal growth, and collective action.

Since we’ve been distributing menstrual products, we’ve had women coming regularly to the Center to pick them up. Most of them are very disadvantaged, including newcomers, people at risk of homelessness and others. It’s a service we consider essential! Thanks to Monthly Dignity, we can offer this service without having to cut money from other activities.

Femmes du Monde, women’s center in Côte-des-Neiges


Our collection of educational articles covers a broad range of topics, including the basics of menstrual health & care practices, sustainable menstrual care options, understanding the causes and consequences of period poverty, exploring the latest menstrual equity news, debunking menstruation myths, and more! Our articles, written and curated by our team, provide an inclusive guide for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge of menstrual health.

We also offer downloadable resources which can serve as useful tools for educators, advocates, and community-members interested in promoting menstrual equity.

Educational Articles

Let’s Flow Together: Period Talks For All Genders

Who can you talk to about your period without feeling awkward? In many parts of the world, traditionally, most conversations and information about periods are had by women and girls. This excludes trans and non-binary people who menstruate, and also people who don’t menstruate. At Monthly Dignity, we believe that

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Menstrual Equity Fund Pilot Project

We are thrilled to be working with Food Banks Canada as an Education & Awareness partner for Women and Gender Equality Canada’s (WAGE) Menstrual Equity Fund Pilot. This Pilot is a groundbreaking national initiative aiming to address period poverty and increasing access to menstrual education across Canada from November 2023 – December 2024. WAGE has allocated $17.9 million to test approaches to providing free access to menstrual products to communities at risk of experiencing period poverty in Canada as well as increasing menstrual health education and awareness of period poverty.

Monthly Dignity was selected as one of six organizations across Canada to participate in the educational & awareness component of the Pilot. This funding has allowed us to significantly increase our educational outreach initiatives, including expanding our capacity to deliver workshops, creating our online resources hub, and hosting community events to raise awareness about menstrual equity.

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Interested in bringing comprehensive menstrual education to your organization, school, or event? Get in touch with us to book a workshop! Join us as we break barriers, challenge stigma, and create a community where menstruation is understood, respected, and celebrated by all.