Our Team


Clara Headshot

Clara Bolster-Foucault


As Co-Director of Monthly Dignity, I work with Hayley to lead our amazing team to keep our projects on track, build new partnerships with community organizations, and find ways to advocate for menstrual equity. I’m a PhD candidate in Epidemiology at McGill, and my research focuses on social inequalities in aging. In my spare time I’m a procrasti-baker and balcony gardener.

Hayley Headshot

Hayley Newman-Petryshen


After many years of menstrual equity advocacy and research in Ontario, I recently made the move to Montreal and was excited to dive right back into the period world as the Co-Director of Monthly Dignity! I’m currently pursuing my MA in Political Science and International Development at McGill and my thesis examines the menstrual equity movement in Canada (surprise!), focusing specifically on the intersections of feminist and environmental activism. When I have free time, I love to read poetry, run outside, find excuses to wear my period-themed earrings, and bake!

Sophie Headshot

Sophie Couture

Community Relations Coordinator

As the Community Relations Coordinator of Monthly Dignity, I make sure that our different partners receive the products that they need! This includes organizing the deliveries with the help of our volunteers, creating new partnerships and managing our stock of products. When I’m not working with MD, I study International business and operational management at HEC and spend my time baking while listening to Adele and running outdoors. 🙂

Solenne Headshot

Solenne Hamon-Fafard

Education Coordinator 

Hi! As Education Coordinator, my role focuses on creating and leading workshops in various community settings. I believe education is a critical pillar in improving perceptions of menstruation worldwide, which contributes to alleviating period poverty. Outside of MD, I work as a teaching and research assistant at Concordia University, finishing my Master’s degree in Religions and Cultures. My research project focuses on menstrual education activism in Nepal. I also love the outdoors (farm kid at heart, forever) and cooking or baking up a storm with friends.

Maria Headshot

Maria Lima Fernandes

Communications Coordinator 

I’m responsible for maintaining MD’s social media presence, which includes planning and producing content. In recent years, we have seen how virtual platforms can have a positive impact on society, which is why I am thrilled to be a part of such an inspiring team and actively support menstrual equity! I am an undergraduate student at McGill University, majoring in Political Science and International Development Studies. You will often find me writing, reading, or listening to Taylor Swift 😉

Regan Headshot

Regan Scott

Fundraising Coordinator

As Monthly Dignity’s Fundraising Coordinator, my role includes finding opportunities for financial and in-kind donations for our organization. This can include menstrual health products for donations to our partners as well as resources in support of our educational efforts towards menstrual health, equity, and destigmatizaion.In my free time, you’ll find me baking, watching British crime shows, or searching for the best of our city’s street art!